The Current Zionist-Israeli State Will Be Dismantled By Highly Educated Secular Jews. Calling Bibi!

I recently noticed that Shlomo Sand’s ‘The Invention of the Jewish People’ has been made available on audible and quickly listened to it. Prior to this book I had just listened to Netanyahu’s new autobiography ‘Bibi: My Story’. For years I have been one of the many people who feel like the ideology of Zionism and resulting Israeli state (in its current form) have been monumental errors. But it was not till recently listening to the above books, and also Shlomo’s interviews like this one…

… that made me aware of the vital role that secular Jews, especially Israelis, are likely to play in correcting the Zionist error. If Zionism and resulting Israeli state(as it currently functions) is an error, this means that there must be people aware of this error and motivated to help overcome it, and for obvious and not-so-obvious reasons, secular Jews, especially those living in Israel, find themselves ‘naturally selected’ to be in a position where they can do the most good to overturn this civilization-ending error.

Imagine you had a time machine and went back in time about 300 years to Salem, Massachusetts during the famed Salem witch trials where 19 women were hanged for witchcraft, and told people that the world could function much better if there was no slavery, that women should have the same freedoms as men, that homosexuality should be tolerated and seen as natural, and that six million years ago we had a common ancestor with chimpanzees. People would see you as some devilish monstrosity spreading heretical-sinful ideas and quickly “conspire” to kill you. Even if you succeeded in persuading a few people, the rate at which your ideas could spread would likely be no match for the rate at which existing fallacies, myths and the “incentive and ideological structure” of slave owners, religious leaders and the “experts” of their day would lead to your death. Would this mean that the people of the time were bad-malicious-“evil” or dumb? Or members of some “vast conspiracy” of “bad guys” or “special interests” intent in ‘taking away your freedoms’? Of course not. The people would be fellow homo sapiens acting based on the prevailing myths and incentive structures of the times. This mental exercise should help us keep our focus on how conflicts are more the result of erroneous ideas or myths held by people, instead of malice, stupidity, or ‘conspiracy’. The old religious-type tyranny, as well as Communism, and Zionism should be seen likewise.

Both antisemitism and Zionism are rooted in the same intellectual error, that the slightly smarter apes who “identify as Jews” are so different from the other slightly smarter apes that they must leave the real thousands of towns and Synagogues where for hundreds of years they were an integral part of Western Civilization to create a country based on religious mythology in an area already populated by others who had a different “identity” (Muslims, Christians, and fellow anti-Zionist Jews) and for numerous understandable reasons were adamantly opposed to living under such a theocratic-ethnocentric “Jewish State”. Theodore Herzl himself highlighted this ideological congruence of both Zionists and anti-Semites in his foundational book “The Jewish State”(1896) when he writes that:

“The anti-semites will be our most steadfast friends.” “The anti-Semitic countries will be our allies” “Great exertions will hardly be necessary to spur on the movement. Anti-Semites provide the requisite impetus. They need only do what they did before, and then they will create a desire to emigrate where it did not previously exist, and strengthen it where it existed before.”

Now, to anyone with a basic post-Darwin understanding of the world, whether a homo sapiens ends up identifying as a Jew/Muslim/Christian/French/Russian it all comes down to luck, to being born in a particular place and time and absorbing the local culture or software that ran such populations. And even if during the last 4 thousand years there has been a bit more inbreeding among a few pockets of homo sapiens (Jews), this is irrelevant in evolutionary time regarding homo sapiens and provides little basis to support the foolish idea that some homo sapiens should live separated from the rest. Bottom line, any modern secular thinker who is well educated and has a good understanding of evolution, biology, and economics, easily understands that Zionism is an ideology based on myths just like Communism was. How so many well educated and well-intentioned people could be so spectacularly wrong is simply a repeat of Socialism-Communism, another disastrous idea or set of myths which lured the best and brightest. The Catholic Church and what today we easily recognize as relative tyranny employed the brightest minds who could read and write, create amazing architecture and weapons. Yet such fellow homo sapiens today we know were wrong on countless things regardless of their piety and good intentions. Again, same with Socialism and Zionism.

There are understandably many critics of the Zionist error. Sadly, yet understandably, many in the Islamic world and also many religious Christians mistakenly see the Zionist error as the result of some sinister conspiracy of malicious Jews. This error backfires and is understandably seen as antisemitism and inadvertently causes the Zionist fallacy to grow. Since Zionism, like Communism, is simply an understandable intellectual error which lured many wonderful and intelligent people, it must be seen as such and not as the result of malice or ‘conspiracy’ by a group. Which brings us to the secular Jews. Secular Jewish critics of the Zionist error obviously don’t fall for misguided ‘conspiratorial’ thinking since they themselves are Jews and know very well that they are not some malicious plotters. They can really try to understand how the various fallacies emerged leading to the “Zionist identity” which eventually led to Zionism and the creation of ‘The Jewish State’ and all the chaos that grows from it. These secular Jews, being so educated and truly concerned and thoughtful, know that when a Palestinian stabs an Israeli, there is a complex history and ideological environment which led to such horrible acts, and not some mythical ‘antisemitism’, and that the Zionist error is ultimately largely responsible for such violence.

Once a homo sapiens who absorbs as ‘Zionist identity’ understands enough of the above the result is oftentimes what happened to Shlomo and countless other fellow homo sapiens, they simply stop seeing themselves as Jews and easily realize the truth, that we are all just fellow homo sapiens who can live peacefully with equal rights for all.

Zionist identity constantly spreads naïve tribalistic us vs. them mentality. It constantly reminds us that there is this irrational evil and antisemitism which we must always be fighting. This constantly radiates two fallacies, that there is “evil” in the world which is nonsense from a simple evolutionary perspective. There is economic ignorance, a tribalism homo sapiens has inherited from millions of years living in small tribes, etc. but certainly no mystical or irrational “evil”. And the other fallacy is that the homo sapiens who absorb a “Jewish Identity” are fundamentally different than other homo sapiens.

In his autobiography, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu explains Jabotinsky’s strategy of persuading the public to apply pressure on politicians and how his own father, Benzion Netanyahu, persuaded Jabotinsky to focus his public pressure, not on England, but in the US. When Jabotinsky asked Benzion “Why?” he replied “Because you should be in America…The United States is a rising power in the world and its policy on Zionism will be critical. It has a large Jewish Community. Convince America and it will force Britain to change its policies.” Bibi writes how his father:

“…tried his hand with members of both parties… He wanted not only the politicians but also the professionals in the State Department, the Pentagon, and the White House to support a Jewish state….After World War II he felt it was necessary to directly influence the foreign policy bureaucracy. The State Department was vehemently opposed to the establishment of a Jewish state and blocked access of Zionist delegations to many key decision makers. Capitalizing on the connections he had built, Father was taken up the ladder from one official to the next.”

Benzion would quickly reach US President Eisenhower. Bibi continues:

“My father succeeded because he understood how to generate political influence in America. He was the quintessential practitioner of Jabotinsky’s formula: Influence governments through public opinion, influence public opinion by appealing to justice, influence leaders by appealing to interests.”

Like a young ideologue who is persuaded by Marx’s Communist Manifesto and sees businessmen as sinister capitalists to be killed, as Shlomo notices ‘Zionism has become…. a sort of Stalinism’ which seeks to make it a ‘hate crime’ to criticize or want to dismantle the current Israeli/Zionist state, and thus imprison, beat and ultimately kill those who disagree with Zionist mythology. Once again! Very importantly! This should NOT be seen as the “fault” of the Zionists. The Bolshevik hordes and their intellectuals and politicians which brought about so much tyranny, like the witch burners, were just executing the myths that polluted their minds. Just like the obvious desire of some businessmen to pay employees less in order to make large profits is all Communists needed to see to justify their ideology, similarly, the Zionists can easily find “anti-Semites” and people who erroneously accuse Jews of ‘plotting’ capitalism or communism or killing Jesus and all that nonsense to justify their Zionism.

As Bibi rightly acknowledges in his book, when Theodore Herzl began to spread his Zionist ideology most Jews were opposed to it, in other words, they thought it was a mistake. The rabbinical establishment, reflecting views shared by most Jews in Munich, Germany, where Herzl wanted to hold the First Zionist Congress, strongly rejected the idea so the meeting was moved to Basle Switzerland(29-31st/8/1897). They told him :

“…how can one speak with people who on the one hand are fanatics regarding Jewish nationhood and, on the other hand, complain that the Austrian government required a baptismal certificate from the candidate for the position of secretary of Bukowina. If the Austrian Jews support the efforts of the Zionists, then they should not complain that they are treated by the government like foreigners and are barred from public office. We, however, can say to our fellow countrymen with complete conviction that we comprise a separate community solely with respect to religion. Regarding nationality, we feel totally at one with our fellow Germans and therefore strive towards the realization of the spiritual and moral goals of our dear fatherland with an enthusiasm equaling theirs.Eighteen hundred years ago, history made its decision regarding Jewish nationhood through the dissolution of the Jewish State and the destruction of the Temple”

This makes perfect sense. German, Polish, Russian, Spanish Jews spoke German, Polish, Russian, Spanish and for centuries their identities had evolved in those locations where their Synagogues had been built and they made real tangible contributions to the evolution of Western Civilization. Zionism destroyed all this. As Zionism was spreading many Jews were divided into the Zionists and anti-Zionists (“assimilationists”). Chaim Weizmann, the leading Zionist figure after Herzl’s death in 1904, lamented how “assimilated Jews” were “dead against Zionism” and identified Zionism (correctly IMHO) as “a primitive tribalism”, he writes:

“For assimilated Jews…They looked upon it…as a primitive tribalism. They felt themselves…called upon to “rescue” Judaism from Zionism…these people are dead against Zionism…Zionism is not meant for those people who have cut themselves adrift from Jewry…”

Of course! That rapidly increasing number of very well educated cosmopolitan “assimilated Jews” spread all over Europe-USA just wanted to be fellow human beings or equal world citizens free of ancient tribalisms-mysticisms-identities. Unfortunately, for very understandable reasons-factors for which nobody is to blame and are ultimately rooted in economic ignorance, like a rocket that is just about to reach orbit but runs out of fuel and comes crashing down to earth, Zionism would inadvertently pull Jews and all of Western Civilization back to an increasingly ethnocentric identity-worldview with disastrous consequences. Notice how the correct anti-Zionist views of most Jews in the past is now seen as ‘hate speech’ by today’s Zionists similar to how Communists would end up erronesouly vilifying their own private-property respecting ancestors.

Zionism awaits its Gorbachev, and I am actually very hopeful that this person may even be Bibi. Why not? If Zionism is a mistake, and people like Gorbachev and countless others realized the mistake and made a 180 turn, why can’t we expect someone like Bibi to also do the same? If Zionism, like Communism, were the result of some sinister plot of conspiratorial Jews or malicious people, then of course this would not happen, but since they were just intellectual errors, they can easily be overcome and there is no reason to assume Bibi can’t be reached. As the great Jewish economist Ludwig von Mises tells us: “the masses follow the lead of the people we call educated. Once convince these, and the game is won.” Bibi has already done a superb job of getting so many clueless Israelis to abandon the pro-Socialist economic policies that greatly hampered the Israeli economy. Why not also really come to understand the fallacies leading to Zionism? He is obviously a very bright person, a sort of modern Einstein. Einstein was a great mathematician and physicist, but regardless of his genius and good intentions he mistakenly fell for Socialist central planning mythology, likewise Bibi has a superb understanding of free market economics and how to be a very successful politician, yet is disastrously wrong about Zionism. But he is a fellow homo sapiens, who can be reached and potentially be another Gorbachev.

In his book Bibi talks about a class he took at MIT where they would study how certain structures eventually collapsed. How you could see cracks, which albeit small in appearance, could quickly be responsible for a rapid collapse. Similarly the intellectual cracks in Zionist mythology, to a significant degree thanks to those truth-seeking righteous secular Jews like Shlomo, the ‘New Historians’, and others, have already created the intellectual cracks that can overcome this massive fallacy.

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