Roman Bystrianyk, Liberty Speaks II Speaker

Along with Dr. Suzanne Humphries, Roman Bystrianyk is the co-author of arguably one of the most important books in health, medicine and history written in the last decade. ‘Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History’ does precisely what the title says, it dissolves the illusion that vaccination is beneficial. The book is meticulously researched and referenced, has over 2,200 desperately glowing 5 star reviews on, and as of 8/14/2022, nearly a decade after its initial publication in 7/2013, it increasingly dominates numerous health-related categories.

As we mentioned in Celia Farber’s profile regarding the spectacular dominance of RFK Jr’s book ‘The Real Anthony Fauci‘, 97% of the masses will run across the trenches to slaughter fellow homo sapiens for reasons nobody will know 100 years later as happened with WWI, they will frantically demand the witches be burned, and coerce others to do what the “great leader” says. But that 2-3% of the population that has the curiosity and education needed to read a book for thinking and open-minded adults appreciates the monumental achievement and importance of great books like Roman’s.

Among the book’s numerous important achievements is how it manages to show how the vaccination illusion or myth arose, NOT as the result of some malicious cabal or conspiracy of doctors, special interests or ‘big Pharma’, but as a complex web of countless factors involving scientific negligence, misguided good intentions, ignorance and more. This is vitally important! Most doctors know very little about vaccination and its history and inadvertently spread the myth with the best of intentions, just like many Soviet Union bureaucrats went along with their myths without really studying economics and criticisms of Soviet-style-Central-Planning. Dr. Suzanne Humphries does a wonderful job describing this process, of realizing she had been wrong and having to ‘go against the grain’ in her own auto-biography ‘Rising From The Dead’. When critics of vaccination make the intellectual error of saying doctors and politicians or ‘big Pharma’ is somewhat purposely pushing vaccinations out of pure financial interest, this error is an important reason as to why vaccination critics are portrayed as ‘crazy anti-vaxxers’.

Another one of Roman’s great contributions is painstakingly taking the time to collect vaccination and disease statistics that led to charts that easily help make the vital point that the diseases we credit vaccination for eradicating, were actually going away on their own as the pollution, environmental toxicity, and malnutrition that led to them in the first place was going away, long before vaccinations were introduced. For example, here is one of his legendary charts you may have already seen in other videos:

Below is a wonderful podcast episode with the legendary science podcaster David Crowe where Roman and Suzanne discuss how they got together to write this now-classic book and some of its contents.

But Roman has not stopped producing great content. He has created many short and highly informative videos on his youtube channel and has also published an excellent book dealing with environmental pollution.


Thus far Roman is planning to participate in our event remotely via either a pre-recorded or live presentation, but perhaps he will also be able to join us on location.

Here are just a few of his not-a-wasted-word great videos:

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