Reed Coverdale, Liberty Speaks II Speaker

Reed is a free stater libertarian activist and host of the ‘Naturalist Capitalist’ podcast. His friendly demeanor and great understanding of economics, history and more has led him to quickly rise through the free-market world and become a respected friend of countless libertarian personalities and is thus helping bring a certain unity to the often-times contentious Libertarian world. He is one of the contributors to the Libertarian Party’s New Hampshire twitter account which has gained national attention due to attention-grabbing ‘bold messaging’ His writings can be found on his substack site Per videos below he is friends with and has interviewed such giants of today’s freedom movement like Dr. Ron Paul, comedian Dave Smith, and journalist Ben Swann, Spike Cohen and many more.

Here is a great talk given at Porcfest (2022) showcasing his great understanding of economics and how government regulations cripple the free-market

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