Vital Economic Concepts

Civilization is obviously collapsing all around us, CovidMania, the Russia-Ukraine was and more. All the chaos we are seeing, as well as the solution was already predicted and explained by men known as ‘The Austrian School of Economics’. We are running out of time to catch up to their wisdom and act accordingly. These men already saved civilization in the 1940s via the publication of F.A. Hayek’s ‘The Road to Serfdom’, we need a repeat! Here is Mises writing in 1962:


“The fact that the majority of our contemporaries, the masses of semi-barbarians led by self-styled intellectuals, entirely ignore everything that economics has brought forward, is the main political problem of our age. There is no use in deceiving ourselves…public opinion rejects the market economy, the capitalistic free-enterprise system that provided the nation with the highest standard of living ever attained. Full government control of all activities of the individual is virtually the goal of … national parties. The individual is to be deprived of his moral, political, and economic responsibility and autonomy, and to be converted into a pawn in the schemes of a supreme authority aiming at a “national” purpose. ….If we want to avoid the destruction of Western civilization and the relapse into primitive wretchedness, we must change the mentality of our fellow citizens. We must make them realize what they owe to the much vilified “economic freedom,” the system of free enterprise and capitalism. The intellectuals and those who call themselves educated must use their superior cognitive faculties and power of reasoning for the refutation of erroneous ideas about social, political and economic problems and for the dissemination of a correct grasp of the operation of the market economy. They must start by familiarizing themselves with all the issues involved in order to teach those who are blinded by ignorance and emotions. They must learn in order to acquire the ability to enlighten the misguided many. It is a fateful error on the part of our most valuable contemporaries to believe that economics can be left to specialists in the same way in which various fields of technology can be safely left to those who have chosen to make any one of them their vocation. The issues of society’s economic organization are every citizen’s business. To master them to the best of one’s ability is the duty of everyone.”

Here is a great starting point. It is a computer-read version of our economics flyer:

Here is a great computer read version of the condensed version of Hayek’s classic book ‘The Road To Serfdom’. This book literally saved civilization in the 1940s. Read the story about this achievement here

Then for a much much much more profound look at the economy and its co-evolution with culture and much more. Listen to our book below.

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