Dayl Thomas, Liberty Speaks II Speaker

Dayl Thomas

     Dayl is a founding member and current secretary of Rank the Vote Delaware, an organization dedicated to getting Ranked Choice Voting adopted in the state of Delaware.

     He is the former secretary of the Libertarian Party of Delaware, New Castle County Libertarian Party, and the Wilmington Little League (for whom he also served as president).

     Dayl is a private teacher and tutor by trade, leads a homeschool group, and is active in Faith Baptist Church’s children’s ministry.

     It is his faith in Christ that drives Dayl to achieve freedom in our lifetimes through peace, love, grace, and mercy.

Advantages of RCV

Ranked Choice Voting eliminates the “spoiler” problem that drives voters to support the “lesser evil” instead of their preferred candidate. It incentivizes candidates to court all voters and to look for common ground, instead of stoking division through fear-mongering and personal attacks. In runoff elections, it’s cheaper and increases voter turnout. It removes obstacles that keep ordinary people from running for office. By opening elections to a diversity of candidates and viewpoints, Ranked Choice Voting can replace partisan warfare with popular consensus.

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