Dan Fishman, Liberty Speaks II Speaker

A well-respected and long-time leader in the liberty movement, Dan Fishman most recently served as the Executive Director of the Libertarian Party before taking on the title and role with People for Liberty. During his tenure, the party benefited from an over 50% increase in Membership from August 2019 through January of 2021. He deftly pivoted the organization during the coronavirus pandemic to lead the first-ever online Presidential Nominating convention in May of 2020 as well as the online portion of the LNC’s hybrid convention in July of 2021. With a keen eye towards making the party more accessible to more people, he also led the charge to launch innovative programs including LPTV, Member Welcome Hangout, and the affiliate referral program.

Today, he hopes to further broaden the reach of the liberty message and movement by creating a welcoming, diverse, and inclusive culture with People for Liberty that offers open arms and support to those seeking a world set free in our lifetime.

He will speak on ‘Liberty Listening vs. Liberty Messaging

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