Celia Ingrid Farber, Liberty Speaks II Speaker

Celia Ingrid Farber is one of the most truly productive, accomplished, and courageous journalists alive. To really appreciate this, consider the following. Robert Kennedy Jr’s book, “The Real Anthony Fauci” was #1 on amazon.com and thus the best-selling book in the world for about 2 months, and still 8 months after publication it totally dominates numerous health-oriented categories. 97% of the public will run across the trenches to slaughter fellow homo sapiens for reasons nobody will know 100 years later as happened with WWI, they will frantically demand the witches be burned, and coerce others to do what the “great leader” says. But that 2-3% of the population that has the curiosity and education needed to read a book for thinking adults, has led to nearly 20,000 passionate and well-written 5 star reviews. About 60% of the book is showing how the HIV->DEATH mania of the 1990s which still greatly affects us to various degrees was a myth that arose due to complex factors too numerous to mention here, but a myth and gigantic error nonetheless. Just like with Communist mythology which led to countless “experts” and well-intentioned people going along with it due to numerous complex factors leading to immense suffering, the same happened and is still happening with the HIV->DEATH myth. People who were diagnosed as dying from AIDS due to some alleged virus were dying due to other causes, and needlessly medicated with drugs that ultimately exacerbated their problems and killed many like the beloved Queen front-man Freddie Mercury who was given high doses of AZT, which were later cut in half as the “experts” “learned” and “corrected” their “mistakes”, and even later further abandoned the drug altogether when they “learned” that is was doing more harm than good.

What does this have to do with Celia? It is to a significant degree thanks to her and her ‘HIV dissenter’ colleagues’ Atlas-like efforts and courage that this monumental myth-error-fraud which led to the suffering and death of so many (especially gay men and poor people in Africa who were misdiagnosed) is finally being overcome. Celia’s name shows up nearly 70 times in the book and she is its most quoted and referenced author. RFK Jr. writes to thank Celia and other journalistic Atlases like the great John Lauritsen.

I am grateful to all for your corrections and recommendations, and for broadening my understanding of innumerable scientific and historic issues.

At SPIN Magazine, in the late 80s and 90s, her regular dispatches on the obscure war between the emerging AIDS industry and lobby, and the purist scientists who insisted HIV was not the cause of AIDS, caused storms, lawsuits, as well as threats and attempts on her life. 

She also made history at Esquire Magazine, when, in 1998, she broke a story in which O.J. Simpson bared his soul–shattering sales records held by Esquire since the 1970s. 

She has written articles and cover stories on a variety of subjects, usually controversial, also for Rolling Stone, Salon, The New York Post, The Epoch Times, NY Press, and many more. In 2006, she wrote an 11,000 word article in Harper’s that exposed criminal research malfeasance and even murder, at Anthony Fauci’s NIAID. AIDS researchers, other medical industry funded activists, and even elements of the media coordinated an international attack campaign on her personally, along with her work. These unrelenting and unwarranted attacks took both a professional and spiritual toll on her, leading to an extended sabbatical away from the profession of journalism. But now, Celia is busy at work on her new book and other projects, and remains undaunted in her quest for the truth.

In 2008 she was the recipient of The Semmelweis Society International’s “Clean Hands Award for Investigative Journalism,” (which also led to a big protest, and a libel lawsuit.) 

Celia is the author of “Serious Adverse Events: An Uncensored History Of AIDS” This wonderful book can be seen as Celia’s magnum opus. If you can find a used copy, you can expect to pay upwards of $500 for them.

Celia has also ghost written two books, on the Simpson case, “How I Helped OJ Get Away With Murder” by Mike Gilbert, and “Murder Inc.” by Mark Fuhrman.

In the following recent (Feb 14, 2022) interview she gives a nice overview of her life and work.

The best way to keep track of her always-insightful writings and musings is via her Substack

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