Aaron Paskins, Artist ‘Our Story Studios’


AARON PASKINS was born in December, 1969 and grew up in Dover, Delaware.  He is descended from four generations of landscape and portrait painters

“I learned composition, color and good taste and from my aunt.  My father was a master of technique.  He gave me the tools.  He started me very young with line drawings.  He pushed me to read and explore how things are done.  But most of all, he made me practice, practice, practice.  When other kids were outside playing, I was doing line drawings. I know now he was building my foundation for greater things to come.”

He and his wife, Gina have the their own studio ‘Our Story Studios’. ‘Our Story Studios’ tells you where we come from and where we are going to. Each piece represents a part of culture from the African American perspective. The story is like a revolving book where we add chapters on at the end to enlighten and inspire people of all ages, what art truly means. It’s depicted in the individual creations in which we have no duplicates made of them. All one of a kind, that’s our specialty, in that we make them unique, bringing in old and new concepts as a combination of cohesive togetherness and a continuing story of Freedom for all the world to see. Giving everyone an authentic feel for representation

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