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Our Founder

Dr. Irene Mavrakakis, MD

Irene Mavrakakis, M.D is the Founder of Liberty Speaks and Delaware Initiative for Science and Ethics. Promoting the Anti War message and advocating for Free and Equal Elections, Polling, and Debates are advocacy projects she prioritizes in addition to her libertarian and medical freedom projects.  She is a Libertarian who is a staunch medical freedom, bodily autonomy, and informed consent advocate. She is Vice Chairwoman and Kent County County Chairwoman of the Libertarian Party of Delaware, a Rage Against the War Machine Organizer, and a Project Manager/Advisor to the Mike ter Maat for President Campaign. Professionally, she is an interventional spine and musculoskeletal specialist. She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in biology from New York University and her Doctor of Medicine Degree from New York Medical College.

She dedicates her advocacy work to her mom, Christina who was a Lebensborn child during WWII and came to America because she knew she would “ always be free”. 

Her favorite things to say are:

 “Humanity is innately good”, “ Love is always the way”, “ What unites us is far greater than what divides us”, and “Freedom is never free”

About Liberty Speaks

Liberty Speaks seeks to advertise the vital link between liberty and socioeconomic order and thus life and prosperity. Liberty shields us from coercion and tyranny and leads to the competition of ideas which is the key to discovering and spreading the best information with which to order society. The opposite of liberty can be seen as coercion. Coercion forces people to do something they don’t want and also destroys the competition of ideas that continuously improves and expands the socioeconomic order and also discovers the TRUTH. As first US president George Washington tells us “Government is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force” , it makes criminals out of those who don’t want to go along and, again, substitutes the superior information that arises from the competition of ideas for the coercive-monopolistic-competition-immune information of the planners-bureaucrats-priesthood.

The sort of “ethos” of Liberty Speaks is nicely captured by the following quote from the great economist and student of Ludwig von Mises, Prof. George Reisman:

“As should be increasingly clear, economics is a science which can make possible the construction of a social and political system in which human success is a feature of normal, everyday life everywhere. It is truly the humanitarian science, and only those who have studied it well and who are prepared to implement its teachings deserve to be called friends of mankind. The most important charity which true friends of mankind can pursue is to disseminate knowledge of this vital subject as widely and as deeply as they know how.”

—George Reisman.

We aim to be the best “friends of mankind” that we can.

We seek to promote these ideas via educational forums, promotion of candidates that support its mission regardless of party affiliation, clever marketing and outreach. Please consider reading our very short (65 pages) and freely available book.


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